The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) is the principal law enforcement agency in Nigeria. It has staff deployment across the 36 states of the country and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). The command and control of the Nigeria Police Force is under the Inspector-General of Police (IGP).

For administrative ease, the Force is divided into eight (8) administrative departments, viz. Finance and Administration; Operations; Logistics and Supply; Force Criminal Investigation Department; Training and Development; Research and Planning; Information and Communication Technology and Force Intelligence Bureau, each headed by a Deputy Inspector-General of Police (DIG). The Force is further divided into 17 Operational Zonal Commands (usually comprising between two and three State Commands) and 37 State Commands including the FCT. While the Zone is headed by an Assistant Inspector-General of Police (AIG), the State Command is headed by a Commissioner of Police (CP), the Area Command by an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) and the Division by an officer in the Superintendent cadre.


An Initiative launched by the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) for improvements in the efficiency of the processes and administration of all its fee-based Specialized Services through automation. This solution will use smart technology to automate and manage the entire process of rendering Police Specialized Services in an efficient, transparent and highly professional manner in line with global best practices.

  1. To improve efficiency in the process and administration of all fee-based specialized services provided by the Nigeria Police Force;
  2. To enhance the general working conditions of officers and men as well as advance the public perception and image of the Nigeria Police Force;
  3. To reposition the Nigeria Police for improved service delivery in meeting its statutory and other non-core obligations; and
  4. To act as a catalyst for transformation of Police administrative and operational activities through fusion of technology and improved processes.

With respect to extant and relevant laws, the Police Force Order which draws strength from the Police Act 2020, provides for the Nigeria Police to charge fees for specialized services rendered to the Nigerian public. These include the services of Police Orderlies for protection and safety of lives and properties. Likewise, the Police Act 2020 permits the NPF to charge fees for private engagements and other Specialized Services. It is on this basis that the Police has since its inception applied fees on services such as Escort Services, Issuance of Licenses for Arms & Ammunition, Police Extracts and other Specialized Services. Police Specialized Services also referred to as Police Revenue Services include Police Escort & Special Security Services, Arms & Ammunition Licenses, Contractor Registration, International Driving Permit, Police Extract & Information Services, other permits & reports services provided pursuant to the Force Order.

  1. Guards & Special Protection Services
  2. Arms & Ammunition
    1. Issuance of Fire Arm and License
  3. Police Information Services
    1. Police Extract
    2. Police Character Clearance Certificate
    3. Police Investigation Report
  4. Contractor Registration
    1. Contractor Registration
    2. Renewal of Contractor Registration
  5. International Driving Permit
    1. International Driving Permit
    2. International Vehicle Certification
  6. Other Services
    1. Tint Permit
    2. Electronic Central Motor Registry
    3. Use of Uniforms, Accoutrement & Fire Arms
    4. Allocation of Spy Plate Numbers
    5. Permit to Import/Sell & Use Fireworks
    6. Police Clearance for DPR Approval